The Hangeul alphabet (한글)

Korean consonants

The double consonants marked with * are pronounced fortis.

Korean vowels take care of yourself = 잘 지내세요.
(literally please spend your time well)
쫓다chot da,1. to chase, to run after 2. to drive away, to repel
독수리dok soo ri, eagle
유성yoo sung, shooting star
일식il sik, solar eclipse
은하수woon ha soo, Milky Way, galaxy
행성heng sung, planet
태양te yang, sun
해he, 1. year 2. sun
땅dang, land, earth, soil
지구ji goo, the globe, the earth
행복 heng bok, happiness, bliss
송아지 song a ji, calf
소 so, 1. cow, cattle, bull, ox 2. small, little
낳다 nat da, to give birth to, to bear, to produce
버팔로 buh pal loh, buffalo
늑대 nook de, wolf
까마귀 ka ma gwi, crow, raven
나비 na bi, butterfly
멧돼지 met dwe ji, wild boar
돼지 dwe ji, pig
뱀 bem, snake
사슴 sa soom, deer
암탉 am tak, hen
호랑이 ho rang i, tiger
무리 moo ri, group, herd
토끼 to ki, rabbit
용 yong, 1. dragon 2. for (the use of)
벌 bul, 1. bee, wasp 2. punishment, penalty 3. set, pair
사자 sa ja, lion
코끼리 ko ki ri, elephant
고양이 go yang i, cat
둥지 doong ji, a nest
독수리 dok soo ri, eagle
거북이 guh boo gi, turtle, tortoise
수사슴 soo sa soom, stag, male deer
물고기 mool go gi, fish (species not food)
비둘기 bi dool gi, pigeon, dove
매 me, 1. every, each 2. hawk
양 yang, 1. sheep, lamb 2. amount, quantity 3. positive
곰 gom, bear (animal)
새 se, 1. bird 2. new
서다 suh da, 1. to stand 2. to stop

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Monday, February 22, 2010


There you are!
여기 계셨군요.

Won't you stay for dinner?
저녁 드시고 가시지 않으시겠어요

In case of emergency, you can reach me at home.
긴급할 경우에는 우리 집에 연럭하세요.

Would you please finish soon? I have a very important call to receive.
전화 좀 빨리 써 주세요. 중요한 전화를 받을게 있어요.

I'm sorry about that.
그 점 미안합니다.

I'm sorry to insist, but that's the way
끝까지 우겨서 미안해요. 하지만 내가 느낀 일이

I enjoy your company.
동반해 주셔서 즐겁습니다.

Sentence of the Day

Sentence of the Day:

나는 오늘 사파리에서 얼룩말들이 크게 무리지어 있는 것을 보았습니다.

Today on the safari I saw a big herd of zebras.

Words of the Day:



= 1. night 2. chestnut



gye sok

= continuous, continuation



he ri po tuh

= [Trademark] Harry Potter

  Yesterday's Words:


sa pa ri

= safari


sa up

= business


hul tuh gi da

= to gasp, to pant

Random Words of your Loop:

  sek = colour

잠옷   jam ot = pyjamas, pajamas

  jool = 1. line, string 2. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'way', 'method', 'means')

  hwe = 1. sashimi (raw fish) 2. gathering, assembly 3. gray or grey (colour)

읽기책   il gi chek = reading book
Words in your Queue: 0

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