The Hangeul alphabet (한글)

Korean consonants

The double consonants marked with * are pronounced fortis.

Korean vowels take care of yourself = 잘 지내세요.
(literally please spend your time well)
쫓다chot da,1. to chase, to run after 2. to drive away, to repel
독수리dok soo ri, eagle
유성yoo sung, shooting star
일식il sik, solar eclipse
은하수woon ha soo, Milky Way, galaxy
행성heng sung, planet
태양te yang, sun
해he, 1. year 2. sun
땅dang, land, earth, soil
지구ji goo, the globe, the earth
행복 heng bok, happiness, bliss
송아지 song a ji, calf
소 so, 1. cow, cattle, bull, ox 2. small, little
낳다 nat da, to give birth to, to bear, to produce
버팔로 buh pal loh, buffalo
늑대 nook de, wolf
까마귀 ka ma gwi, crow, raven
나비 na bi, butterfly
멧돼지 met dwe ji, wild boar
돼지 dwe ji, pig
뱀 bem, snake
사슴 sa soom, deer
암탉 am tak, hen
호랑이 ho rang i, tiger
무리 moo ri, group, herd
토끼 to ki, rabbit
용 yong, 1. dragon 2. for (the use of)
벌 bul, 1. bee, wasp 2. punishment, penalty 3. set, pair
사자 sa ja, lion
코끼리 ko ki ri, elephant
고양이 go yang i, cat
둥지 doong ji, a nest
독수리 dok soo ri, eagle
거북이 guh boo gi, turtle, tortoise
수사슴 soo sa soom, stag, male deer
물고기 mool go gi, fish (species not food)
비둘기 bi dool gi, pigeon, dove
매 me, 1. every, each 2. hawk
양 yang, 1. sheep, lamb 2. amount, quantity 3. positive
곰 gom, bear (animal)
새 se, 1. bird 2. new
서다 suh da, 1. to stand 2. to stop

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Relationships

주부joo boo

자녀ja nyuh
sons and daughters, one's children

외할아버지we hal a buh ji
maternal grandfather

외할머니we hal muh ni
maternal grandmother

여동생yuh dong seng
younger sister

남동생nam dong seng
younger brother

약혼녀yak hon nyuh

약혼자yak hon ja

형부hyung boo
older sister's husband

증손자jeung son ja

의붓딸ui boot tal

시어머니shi uh muh ni
husband's mother

시아버지shi a buh ji
husband's father

친척chin chuk
a relative

의붓아버지ui boot a buh ji

의붓어머니ui boot uh muh ni

이복형제i bok hyung je
half sister, half brother

올케ol ke
the wife of a girl's brother, a sister-in-law

시누이shi noo i
a sister of one's husband, a sister-in-law
제수je soo
one's younger brother's wife, a sister-in-law
형수hyung soo
the wife of one's elder brother, a sister-in-law
처제chuh je
a younger sister of one's wife, a sister-in-law
처형chuh hyung
an elder sister of one's wife, a sister-in-law

시숙shi sook
brothers of one's husband, a brother-in-law
처남chuh nam
a brother of one's wife, a brother-in-law
자형ja hyung
an elder sister's husband, a brother-in-law
남자친구nam ja chin goo
부모boo mo
부부boo boo
man and wife, married couple
며느리myuh noo ri

사위sa wi
손녀son nyuh
grandchild, granddaughter
손자son ja
grandchild, grandson
고종go jong
cousin by one's father's sister

이종i jong
cousin by a maternal aunt
작은어머니jak woon uh muh ni
aunt (wife of uncle who is younger than father on father's side of family)
작은아버지jak woon a buh ji
uncle (younger brother of father)
큰어머니koon uh muh ni
aunt (wife of uncle who is elder than father on father's side of family)

장모님jang mo nim
wife's mother
장인어른jang in uh roon
wife's father
어머님uh muh nim
mother (formal tone, usually to address a married woman's mother-in-law)

아버님a buh nim
father (formal tone, usually to address a married woman's father-in-law)
큰아버지koon a buh ji
uncle (elder brother of father)
숙모sook mo
uncle's wife, aunt (on mother's side)
사촌sa chon

남매nam me
brother and sister
자매ja me
형제hyung je
siblings, brothers, sisters
고조go jo
great-great-grand (parent)

dong seng
younger brother or sister

older brother (to another male)
o pa
older brother (to a female), older boy or man (friendly tone, to a girl)

jo mo
grandmother (formal tone)
조부jo boo
grandfather (formal tone)

hal a buh ji
삼촌 sam chon
고모 go mo
aunt (father's sisters)
이모i mo
aunt (mother's sisters)
a pa
dad (casual tone)
어 머니
uh muh ni
um ma
mom (casual tone)
아 이
a i
kid, child

a dool

1. ruler (stationery item) 2. person 3. son 4. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'as soon as') 5. well, there (exclamation) 6. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'let's')

a ne
ga jok
si jip ga da
to get married (expression for female)
joong jo
great-grand (parent)
jo ka
nephew, niece

1. the 2. sibling 3. ceremony 4. my (possesive)
noo na
older sister (to a male)

1. foreign 2. (particle in noun to add meaning of 'on mother's side')

1. closeness 2. (particle in noun to add meaning of 'on father's side')

1. mother 2. (measure word for tofu)

1. wealth 2. father 3. part, division, department
a buh ji
할머니 hal muh ni
1. hour, time, o'clock 2. (particle in verb to add politeness) 3. (particle in verb to make polite request) 4. city, town 5. (particle in noun to add meaning of 'in-law')


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